To the moon and back

I'm Alexis. I dream too much and play my music too loud.

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why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

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My mom bet me $25 I wouldn’t wear my jacket as pants into the hotel

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Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted, Taylor, Incredible Things

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Back in 2007 Taylor used to let fans pose with her first award (CMT Breakthrough Video of The Year award for Tim McGraw) and used to let fans inside her tour bus and just hang out with her. Flash forward to today…she invites fans inside her properties and let them pose with her many awards and they just you know hang out with her. 

She’s so amazing.

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when you’re so big that you don’t even have to put your name on your album covers anymore


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I’m really gonna miss you picking fights, and me falling for it screaming that I’m right. And you would hide away and find your peace of mind, with some indie record that’s much cooler than mine.

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